Best Laptops For Live Streaming in 2021 [YouTube & Netflix]

Live streaming is one of the emerging things people use for professional aspects. Nowadays, multiple social media influencers streamline online videos for entertainment or online teaching purposes. Are you one of those who want to do the same thing and want to pick a laptop that fulfils the streaming video requirement?

Some of the people are gaming lovers. They also make Vlogs or gaming tips, trick videos and solve other individuals’ problems who love to play those games.

Gaming on your workstation is something testing, and everybody nowadays is attempting to make their gadgets perfect to their necessities. On the off chance that you are searching for the best PC that can make your live streaming stunning, at that point, you are at the best platform. You need to keep persistence and have an intensive perusing to this very article.

Live streaming is something fundamental among individuals nowadays. Running enormous games and doing Netflix with no trouble is everybody’s fantasy. However, fortunately, your imagination has advanced out. It is not that hard to have the best machine for live streaming because I have arranged a rundown of the best workstations for gaming. Presumably, finding the best one would take numerous endeavours and effort; however, I have done this for you. So, stay up here and keep reading.


Laptop Requirements for Live Streaming 

CPU: If you want to have massive gaming on your laptop, then go for a computer having a quad-core processor because a dual-core processor would not support it.

RAM: If you want to have smooth live streaming, then never go below 4GB RAM because it would mess it all. The best choice would be 8GB or more.

SSD: SSD is always more supportive than HDD because it is more durable, but the only difficulty is the expensiveness. It will boost your laptop also.

GPU: If your prime goal is live streaming, then GPU must be your first concern also. So, have a laptop with a powerful graphical chipset.

List of the Best Laptops For Live Streaming YouTube, OBS, Netflix and Twitch

HP 15.6″ HD 2019 – Touch-Screen Laptop – Good for Streaming Amazon Prime Videos

HP Notebook is considered one of the best streaming laptops. This notebook has all the specs required for gaming and playing videos. In every aspect, this laptop is perfect.

Let’s start the details with display and structure. This laptop comes in 15.6 inches display, which is full HD. This laptop has a picture resolution. 

You will love the graphics and the visual experience on this laptop. The resolution is 1366 x 768 HD pixels. Hence, your gaming would be mesmerizing on this laptop. This laptop also has a WLED backlit touch screen display.

When it comes to the processor, this laptop has the latest Intel Pentium silver N5000 Quad-Core processor with a turbo boost up to 2.7GHz. This laptop possesses Intel UHD 605 integrated graphics. It also has an HP webcam with an Integrated digital microphone, which works very best.

For advanced multitasking, this laptop is packed with 8GB Ram. This laptop has 1 Terabyte hard drive when it comes to storage space. This laptop holds a sizable collection of data. If you want to buy an affordable laptop for live streaming with 8 GB RAM, this one can be the perfect option.

While buying a laptop, the weight of the item is very considerable. But don’t worry, this laptop is portable. The weight of this laptop is about 4.41 pounds. So, you can carry it with you wherever you want to go. This laptop also has multiple ports so you can enjoy the transferring of data within seconds efficiently.

This laptop has a good battery time also. With multitasking and live streaming, you can enjoy the working of this laptop for almost 6 hours. Isn’t it enough? View more



CPU: Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Quad-Core processor

GPU: Integrated UHD 605 Graphical card

WEIGHT: 4.41 lbs

DISPLAY: 15.6 inches



BATTERY TIME: up to 6 hours

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Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop – Best Streaming Laptop for OBS

Acer focuses on quality always. This laptop comes with the 8th generation, and it is super fast and fantastic for live streaming. This laptop is mesmerizing and fashionable. Its high-end specs will astound you completely.

Let’s begin with display and design. Acer Aspire 5 comes with a display of 15.6 inches, which is full HD. Having a white screen LED-backlit IPS display makes it mesmerizing. It also has a beautiful backlit keyboard with a fingerprint reader. Don’t worry about the advancement of the device.

Portability is a must in considerations. But don’t worry, this laptop weighs only 3.97 lbs.

When it comes to the Central Processing Unit, this laptop comes from an 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor with a turbo boost up to 3.9 GHz. Let’s talk about the Graphical Processing Unit. This laptop is packed with Intel UHD graphics 620 chipsets.

Let’s get to the memory and the storage. This laptop comes with 8GB DDR4 memory and 256GB PCle NVMe SSD. The live streaming would be smooth on this laptop.

This laptop comes with a multiple ports facility also. And when it comes to battery life, this laptop is also very good at this point. Acer Aspire 5 works for consistently 9.5 hours. This workstation is a complete package. Check more details by clicking on the link.



CPU: Intel Core i5-8265U processor

GPU: Intel UHD graphics 620 chipset

DISPLAY: 15.6 inches

WEIGHT: 3.97 pounds



BATTERY TIME: Up to 9.5 hours

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ASUS Chromebook C425 Laptop – Cheap Laptop for Streaming Movies

Chromebooks by Asus are always stunning in performance, speed, and design perspective. We have listed this laptop as having an excellent processor for streaming. It’s a clamshell laptop. This Chromebook is exemplary in itself. So, let’s start with details because it e is going to be amazing.

The design and display are lovely, and its overall features make this laptop the best option for live streaming. This Asus laptop comes with 14 inches full HD display, a 4-way Nano edge display. The high-quality display makes it unique, and it’s a small-sized laptop for regular use, with a 6-inches trackpad. This laptop comes with a sharp resolution of 1920 X 1080 with a full IPS display. Plus size backlit keyboard makes it more beautiful. It also has 180 degrees hinge design for a versatile viewing experience, which can be the best option for live webcam streaming.

This laptop is highly portable as it weighs only 2.8 lbs. So, you can carry it anywhere you want.

When it comes to the processor and graphics, this laptop is not less in any manner. This laptop comes with a powerful Intel Core M3-8100Y processor, which is super fast and has a fantastic performance. This laptop comes with Intel HD graphics 615 NVIDIA Chipset when it comes to graphics.

Let’s come towards the memory and the storage. This laptop comes with 8GB LPDDR3 RAM. Storage is also not less because it is 64GB eMMC SSD.

This laptop also has multiple ports choice. Let’s wind it up with the battery life. This laptop works continuously for up to 12 hours. View more


CPU: Intel Core M3-8100Y processor

GPU: Intel HD graphics 615 NVIDIA Chipset

DISPLAY: 14-inches

WEIGHT: 2.8 lbs



BATTERY TIME: up to 12 hours


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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 – Best 2-in-1 Laptop for Console Streaming

Samsung has an extensive collection of beautiful and best devices. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is one of them. No doubt, its high-end specs make it unique but also, its structure is magnificent.

Let’s move towards its particular specs.

This workstation is excellent in its display and design. With a display of 12.2 inches, this Chromebook is dazzling. Its dual 13MP camera will permit you to appreciate live streaming. Moreover, it comes with a pen that does not need charging to understand composing, drawing, altering, amplifying, and significantly more its compensation. That’s why undoubtedly, it’s the best laptop for live streaming.

Lightest in its weight, this machine is versatile moreover. The weight of this workstation is just around 3 pounds. Along these lines, you can take it agreeable easily outside with you. As we are probably aware, this PC is 2 in 1, so without much of a stretch, you can convert it into tablet mode.

This workstation accompanies a processor of 1 GHz Intel Core m3 and a chipset of Intel HD graphics 615. Thus, there is nothing to stress over.

We should move towards the RAM and SSD. Samsung Chromebook has a memory of 4GB LPDDR3 RAM and a storage of 64GB eMMC SSD.

It additionally has a decent battery time, which lasts about a day. Go, and check it on amazon for more subtleties. For more details, click here.



CPU: 1GHz Intel Core m3 processor

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 615 chipset

DISPLAY: 12.2 inches

WEIGHT: 3 pounds



BATTERY TIME: up to a day

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Hp Stream Intel Celeron N4000 – Best Budget Laptop Streaming Videos

Devices from HP are best. These devices endure a good life. Indeed, you will not have any complaints regarding this workstation. So, here we go.
HP Stream laptop is very handsome in its looks, and when it comes to the functions and specs, they are not also less. This laptop comes with a full HD display of 14-inches with a WLED backlit keyboard.
Let’s talk about portability. This laptop weighs only 4.4 pounds. It would be your best friend, and the good news about this laptop is; it is pocket-friendly also.
When it comes to the CPU, this laptop is packed with an Intel Celeron N4000 processor. GPU is also perfect for live streaming as this laptop comes with an integrated chipset.
This laptop comes with a memory of 4GB RAM and a storage of 64GB eMMC SSD. So, don’t worry about live streaming on this beast.
Battery life is also good. It lasts up to 8 hours.


CPU: Intel Celeron N4000 processor

GPU: Integrated chipset

DISPLAY: 14 inches

WEIGHT: 4.4 pounds



BATTERY TIME: up to 8 hours

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Final Words

These are the best laptops for live streaming and you can pick a perfect laptop or stream inline on YouTube, Twitch, Netflix or OBS. Just visit the above links and buy yours. Keep visiting itechverge for more quality and reviews based stuff

Thank you.


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