8 Amazing Features a Decent Gaming Laptop Should have.

We should be thankful that we are living in this technological era. Technology has brought a revolution in everything surrounding us. Various laptops are coming with updated specifications.

If we talk about a decent gaming laptop, the laptop should be well equipped with the latest processor and graphic cards. This way you will enjoy high-quality graphics and robust speed while you play your favorite video games.

If you are a gaming geek, then you must be in a great dilemma to choose the best option for you. Because it would be much confusing for you to choose among so many options available in the market from top laptop brands in the world. This blog aims to target the best available specs that a gaming laptop must carry.

A-List Of Features Is Going To Be Discussed Further For Securing A Decent Gaming Laptop

Here’s the list of the specifications that a buyer should consider while investing in a decent gaming laptop. This happens most of the time that new gamers get trapped while they reach the market without basic knowledge of the best gaming laptops.

We are going to make things easy for you. So that you can buy decent gaming laptops without facing any problem.

decent gaming laptop

We hope this article will be helpful for you in deciding to buy the best laptop for gaming. Because, after reading this blog you will be well aware of the specifications of a decent gaming laptop.

  1. The processor i5-generation or above.
  2. RAM (8gb-16gb) DDR4.
  3. GDDR5 Graphics card.
  4. Screen resolution. FHD.
  5. HDD (1–2 TB)
  6. SDD(optional) if the budget allows.
  7. Battery with more than 60 WHr.
  8. Mouse ( Razer or Logitech )best recommended.

1. Processor

The processor is the core unit of PC which plays a major role in high-quality games to run fast. Your gaming experience might be very rough while playing the updated versions of games on a dual-core or i3 processor PC. You must consider buying a gaming laptop that has at least an i5 processor or above this.

processor of decent gaming laptop

2. RAM

RAM is a unit that randomly loads programs from the hard drive of your computer. After this, it puts them in a queue to get processed by the processor. How meaningful! If the RAM loads more programs on it to pass to the processor.

Ultimately, your processing gets fast so your heavy games run fast. So, never assume to be having a RAM less than 8GB if you want to rank your laptop among the decent gaming laptops of the day.

3. Graphics Card

The best gaming laptop does have a graphic card to load heavy-duty graphics. The graphic cards more likely to work as RAM to your PC but it is dedicated to the graphics. Most often, the hard-to-load graphics belong to giant games like PUBG, Counter-Strike, and many more games of this genre. You can see here the best graphic card laptops.

4. Screen Resolution

The issue doesn’t come to an end here as you have loaded quality graphics and processed. If there is no high definition screen to show those graphics, what does your back-end quality setup mean to you?

You must ensure that your laptop must be a good PC suite for gaming. Here, a full high definition (FHD) display is recommended to own a stunning PC  suite for gaming.

5. HDD (1 – 2 TB)

When it comes to hard drives, it must be 1 TB or more for a quality gaming laptop. Otherwise, your gaming PC is of no use. Have a case study, if you own a laptop with 500 GB HDD and you are a gaming geek. You might be able to hardly keep two or three high-quality games installed on your computer.

There are chances that the heavy setups of your laptop leave no room in the hard disk to get other programs installed. To be on the safe side, we recommend you to have a minimum of 1 TB HDD in your dream gaming laptop.

6. SSD (Optional)

True enthusiasts of decent gaming laptops leave no space to make them their dream machine. So, professional gamers do care to buy an SDD hard disk to improve the efficiency of their laptops.

If you can afford it, you must add more value to your laptop by getting an SDD hard drive installed. Otherwise, upgrading your RAM may compensate for this deficiency as well, which might cost you very little in the face of an SDD hard disk.

7. Battery Life

If you have a proper space to play video games, 2 cell or 4 cell batteries doesn’t mean anything to you. There comes some chance, you hang out with your friends, especially for video games. A 60 whr battery is recommended for you. Most often, it is named as a 4-cell battery.

8. Mouse ( Razer or Logitech )

We are almost done with the laptop specifications. Additionally, we recommend Razer and Logitech for manufacturing robust and ergonomic gaming mice.

Final words

Congratulations, you have known all the specifications of a decent gaming laptop in detail. We hope that you are not going to be trapped by some market fishes regarding a gaming laptop if you ever happen to go there. Keep visiting us for more informational stuff. Thanks!

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