How To Clean A Laptop Screen, Fan & Keyboard?

Have you ever wondered how to clean a laptop most efficiently? If you are a daily laptop user and are tired of a laptop’s filthy screen, then I can feel you. It feels disgusted when you are forced to use an untidy and smudgy device. Also, it risks the laptop’s longevity, and it is quite tricky to buy a new laptop in an emergency if the old one gets out of order.
No matters how much you take care of your laptop’s cleanliness, it still manages to get smudges and filthy dusty spots. So, if you are tired of this question of how to clean your laptop, then I am here to help you out.
The clean and clear gadget also increases the device’s efficiency, and untidiness brings distortion in working. But no worries, because I am here with a procedure for “How to clean a laptop?” with a crystal-clear view. I am going to tell you effective methods to solve this problem.

Best Way To Clean Laptop Screen [Easy Methods]

Best Way To Clean Laptop Screen
Best Way To Clean Laptop Screen

There are some protocols for the best way to clean the laptop screen. It would be better to switch off the laptop first and then disconnect the battery before cleaning your laptop.

  • If your laptop is open, then detach its battery before cleaning. It is risky for the warranty of a laptop, but cleanliness worth taking a risk. Give a soft stroke of compressed air to push the dirt from the center to the ends and then take the dust off the ends.
  • If your laptop is closed and the battery cannot be detached. Turn off the device and give a burst of compressed till all the dust from the center vents out. But beware while cleaning it because it takes more concentration.

Wiping the screen of your laptop now and then is the best way to clean the laptop screen, and for this purpose, keep a clean cloth of microfiber with you.

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How To Clean A Laptop LED/LCD Screen?

A scratch less and spotless LED/LCD Screen of a laptop is a dream of everyone. Let’s make it simple and easier how to clean a laptop LED/LCD screen clean. In my opinion, do not go for paper towels to clean a laptop LCD/LED screen. Also, do not mess your laptop with any chemical or harmful liquid. As I said before, the best thing for cleaning the screen of a laptop is a Microfiber cloth. 

There are some steps that you have to follow for a proper way to clean a laptop LED/LCD Screen, and they are as following:

• Switch off your laptop and wait for it to settle at room temperature.

• For the cleaning of the center of the laptop, give a short burst of compressed air.

• Wipe the laptop screen with a microfiber cloth in a vertical or horizontal motion. Clean it with gentle pressure.

• If the screen is very smutty or soiled, then dip the microfiber cloth in some water, run the fabric on the screen and then clean it again with a dry piece of microfiber cloth.

• If there are sticky stains on the screen, then make a solution of equal quantities of water and vinegar. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and clear the stain.

How To Clean A Laptop Keyboard?

To clean a laptop keyboard is a challenging task. There are numerous smudges and grease settled in the keys because of the oily fingers we use on the keyboard sometimes. 

So, there are some steps to proceed to clean a laptop keyboard:

• Firstly, wipe your keyboard with a microfiber cloth to pick the most residue.

• Give a short burst of compressed air on your keyboard.

• Damp a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and clean the keys with it.

• Use dry toothbrush in deep and tight spots.

• If the keys are detachable, then remove them for detailed cleaning, and if they are not removable, then give a burst of canned air. It will certainly clean your keyboard thoroughly.

How To Clean A Laptop Fan?

Cleaning a laptop fan doesn’t add anything to its beauty, then why is there a need to clean a laptop fan?

Proper cleaning of a laptop fan is necessary for the efficient working of the laptop. 

So, there are some steps that you have to follow to clean a laptop fan.

• Use a microfiber cloth for outside cleaning.

• Remove the bottom surface of the laptop but hold the fan in its place. Please don’t remove the fan; otherwise, it will produce distortion in the functioning system.

• Take a clean piece of microfiber cloth and clean the fan with the help of it.

• Wipe the vents gently with a piece of cloth.

• Give a short burst of compressed air.

• Attach the panel to the laptop again.

What to Use to Clean a Laptop Screen?

You can easily clean the laptop screen with the help of tissue or a simple piece of cloth; the microfiber cloths work very well if you use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, then you would get fantastic and instant results. Moreover, mild dish detergent (any brand) can be applied to clean a laptop screen.


Keeping your laptop clean is a challenging yet necessary task. Don’t compromise on cleanliness and follow the above steps in the right manner. I hope this piece of writing will help you a lot.

Thank you.

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