How to Connect 2 Monitors to a Laptop?

We’re all aware that having multiple monitors can greatly enhance our efficiency and provide the best experience, especially when using laptops. However, how to connect 2 monitors to a laptop? This article is the best location. This article provides a simple guideline for connecting two monitors from an external source on your computer.

This article will show you how to connect 2 monitors to a laptop and configure the display to work the way you prefer. Also, there are details about the limitations on a resolution for different connections, as well as tips on how do you configure two monitors to be connected?

Do You Need Two Monitors?

Although there are many good scenarios for connecting two monitors externally to laptops, you must determine if you require such a complex configuration for your specific requirements. If you’re looking for more space on your desktop, you might want to think about an ultra wide monitor instead, which requires only an output that is a single one.

Check the List of Options When Choosing an Additional Monitor

Resolution of the screen

Various resolutions are available on monitors, all the way to 4K. Based on the experience you have with viewing, select the appropriate display standard. If you’re looking for authentic images, 4K ought to be your top choice. If you’re looking for an LCD with greater resolution and HDR, it is necessary to put in more cash.

Screen size

Monitors are available in various sizes; the most popular sizes are 17 and 15 inches. Additionally, there are monitors with larger sizes and mid-sized ones like 21, 27, and inches. Before making a final decision, consider factors like screen size, the space you’re planning to maintain, and your financial security.

Connecting ports

It was the time that VGA, as well as DVI ports, were the most popular. But, there are numerous different ports such as HDMI, USB-C(r), and even Thunderbolt(TM) 3.0 display.

How Do You Configure Two Monitors To Be Connected?

Once everything is set, you can connect two screens to your laptop. Connect your monitors while your laptop is on. Most of the time, Windows detects when an additional monitor is connected. For instance, there are VGA as well as HDMI ports on my laptop. My external monitors come with cables for VGA and HDMI ports.

Connect your first monitor’s cables to your laptop’s appropriate VGA port. This is why plug the VGA cable from one of the monitors into the VGA port on my laptop. Connect the HDMI cable from the second monitor to the appropriate port of your laptop.

On your laptop Right-click an unoccupied area on your screen:

  1. If you’re running Windows 10, click to change the display settings.
  2. If you’re running Windows 8/7, select the Resolution tab.
  3. Three displays are labeled with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 when in the display mode. In general, screen 1 represents the screen on your laptop, while displays two and three are external monitors.
  4. Click on screen two and choose to Extend the desktop for this screen with multiple displays Click apply.
  5. Select screen 3, Extend the desktop for this screen on multiple displays and then click to apply.
  6. Select “OK” to save the setting. Now you can use the three monitors you have on the laptop.
  7. You can click and drag each display (1, 3, 2, or 3) to change the arrangement of the display. You can also alter the size of the objects and display resolution as well as the orientation according to your personal preferences.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Do I Connect Two HDMI Monitors To My Laptop?

It is possible to use either a switch splitter or a display splitter. Additionally, you can use a docking station that can provide the majority of the ports you need.

How Can We Increase The Screen On Our Laptop To Two Monitors?

Choose Screen resolution by right-clicking any place on the desktop from the drop-down menu for Multiple Displays. Menu, choose to expand these displays or duplicate these displays, and then click OK or apply.

What Adapter Do I Need To Use for Two Monitors?

While the monitors might come equipped with VGA and DVI cords, most office twin-monitors use HDMI as the standard connection. A VGA connection is easy to connect a laptop to a monitor and is particularly useful when using the Mac.

Is the docking station that can be used with two monitors true or not?

In reality, the docking station is not only useful for connecting two monitors at once. It has a wide number of functions. Instead of a basic adapter, you can purchase a docking station since it instantly has many features you can utilize when you need to.


The availability of multiple monitors helps us become more productive and provide an enjoyable experience, particularly when we use laptops. Connecting external monitors to a Windows laptop will be easy. I hope you got it that how to connect 2 monitors to a laptop. For more information visit our website home page. Thank you!

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