How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard?

Are you worried with the dust of keyboard of laptop and want to know how to clean a laptop keyboard? Then don’t need to worry all about. I am here I will give you all information. Keep scrolling.

According to research the keyboard on your laptop can carry up to 20,000 time’s higher germs than your toilet seats. In addition, with all of your school, work, socializing, and entertainment happening on the internet, you’re probably using your laptop more often than ever before.

No matter if you’re struggling with dust, crumbs, hairs of pets, fingerprints, or sticky residue, you’ll be able to wash your keys using items you have around.

Here’s what you need to do for how to clean a laptop keyboard?

What Do You Need To Clean Up Under The Keyboard On A Laptop?

If you’re wondering how to remove a sticky laptop keyboard, particularly after spills, the best solution is to take the keys off, allowing you to clean beneath the keys. There aren’t all laptops with this feature, and you should conduct an online search for the model you have to find out if it features removable keys. If so, there is a way to take care of it.

Take a Picture of the Keyboard

So you’ll know where the keys are when you’re returning them.

Replace the Keys

It would help if you waited for your keyboard to be completely dry, and then begin to set it and slowly press each key until you can feel it snap back into its place.

Pry the Keys Off

You can buy an instrument kit for this at an electronics retailer. However, an object that is small and flat such as a screwdriver or knife could also be used. Make sure you pry them off gently to ensure you don’t harm the keyboard.

Wipe Underneath the Keys

Utilize a cotton or cloth swab that has been dipped in alcohol isopropyl. Only use a tiny amount of liquid to ensure that it doesn’t get dripping into the device.

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard Externally?

A keyboard external connects to your computer using a cable or wire and isn’t built-in.
Before you begin, what you’ll require:

  1. An unclean microfiber towel
  2. Use it to scrub the keyboard’s top keys and the area around.
  3. Use the dry cloth to clean the last of the dust. Then smooth your keyboard.
  4. Clean up with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  5. It is also possible to purchase an air compressor ideal for removing dust from difficult-to-access areas.
  6. Once you’ve got your stuff, here’s how to organize them.
  7. Disconnect your keyboard.
  8. If you have a container of compressed air, you can use it to blow away any other debris.
  9. Remove the swab after its absorbed enough dirt. You might need several swabs complete the entire keyboard.
  10. Make use of a moist cotton swab to remove dust and dirt.

Many external keyboards let you take each key. This can be great for cleaning up the spaces under the keys. This can also allow you to give each key a thorough cleaning.

Go through the instruction manual for your particular keyboard to find out which keys are removable and the best method to remove and replace them if they’re. After cleaning your keyboard, you must let it dry before connecting it to the computer and then using it.

What you don’t have to do when cleaning a Laptop Keyboard?

There are a few things to avoid cleaning your laptop’s keyboard.

  • Avoid leaving your laptop on when cleaning
  • Don’t Soak the Laptop Keyboard

How Often Should You Clean Your Keyboard?

Daily cleaning and hand washing would be the best option to properly disinfect and clean your keyboard. This is especially important when multiple users touch your keyboard.

But, if you’re the sole user of your computer, keeping it clean every week will be beneficial.


It’s too easy for grime, dirt, and other debris to make in the cracks of your computer keyboard and cause problems or even look sloppy. But, it’s simple to remove your keyboard’s dirt in just a few minutes using the proper tools. I hope you enjoyed this article (how to clean a laptop keyboard). For more information about laptops visit more articles of this website. Thank you for reading. Cheers.

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