How to Make My Laptop Faster?

The slowing of laptops is a well-known fact. It can be frustrating to manage a laptop, whether it is software issues or bugs that make your device less responsive than before. It begs the question: how to make my laptop faster?

In this article, we will detail each point, and you will notice a much faster laptop at the end.

Why Is My Laptop Slow?

Your laptop might lag or stop responding as you add more files, apps, and programs to your hard drive. These issues do not usually occur right away. However, repeated use, software updates, and aging components can slow down your laptop performance and cause it to be less able to complete everyday tasks.

Here’s How to Make My Laptop Faster:

1. Clean Up Your Drives/ Cache

If your laptop has been in use for a long time, temporary files or junk may cause it to slow down. Although you may not have downloaded the files, this can happen, but it’s still quite common. You can also download a program like Cleaner to help speed up your laptop.

2.  Service your Laptop/Wash

The mechanical parts of laptops include fans and other parts that can be damaged over time. Furthermore, a laptop’s heat dissipation doesn’t seem very high. This is combined with a clogged fan; you can expect thermal throttling.

Your laptop thermal throttles lower the amount of energy it provides to your GPU/CPU. Your components will generate less heat with lower energy. Poor ventilation means that your laptop won’t be able to handle the heat as much as it should.

This will result in a machine that is not as fast and performs poorly. Open your laptop and clean the fans. This will make your laptop run more quickly. While you’re at the same time, ensure that your GPU and CPU are properly seated.

3. Space Is Key to Your Hard Drive

Your laptop’s hard disk can hold a lot, from photos and videos to music and large files. This can lead to slowdowns in your laptop performance. Determine how much storage is left on your laptop and see where you can reduce it.

4. Configure Windows Services

Windows service runs in the background. Windows services are a way to optimize your laptop’s performance. Before you start to do any work, be sure to create a system recovery and back up your important files.

How do you decide which Windows service to uninstall or disable in Windows? It depends on the needs of your system. Black Viper contains the full list. Black Viper contains information for all Windows XP/7/Vista/8-based services. This includes information that tells you the purpose of each service, how safe it is to uninstall or disable it, and much more.

5. Add SSD and more RAM to your Laptop.

HDDs are standard on older laptops. You’ll experience slower speed if you have a laptop without an SSD. A Solid State Drive (SSD) will increase the speed of your laptop. A 128GB SSD could cost approximately $90, and a 256GB SSD around $160.

You can either replace your HDD with add or add it as an additional feature. An add-on is more convenient as Windows can be installed directly on the SSD. Other programs and operations will still work from the HDD. You will get the fastest speeds if you don’t fill up your SSD beyond 75%.

If your laptop only has a 2GB to 4GB RAM stick installed, you can add more RAM. You can increase the speed of your computer by increasing it to 8GB or 12GB. It will be expensive but will prolong your laptop’s life for another few years.

6. Think about the option to go with no strings attached.

This one is not for everyone, but it’s the most effective. Start from the beginning again and install Windows. Be sure to backup all your files. Also, make sure you can reinstall all of your games and applications.

Windows makes this process easy. It is easy to reset your laptop if you open Setting (via a cog icon on Windows’ Start menu), then click Upgrade & Security, and finally, Repair. This will install a new version of Windows, and your laptop should now run as normal.

7. You should delete all unnecessary files.

Our laptop can be likened to our closets or drawers. Your laptop could become cluttered, just like your closets and drawers. This is especially true when you deal with large files daily, such as high-resolution images, audio files, and films.

Make it a habit to delete files or folders once per week and empty the recycle bin to make more space. Regularly doing this will reduce the chance of accidentally deleting important files or folders. You will also be able to recall exactly what is in each file and folder.


Your laptop must be kept running efficiently by taking care of its data, applications, and updates. This will improve your laptop’s performance, extend its life span, and make you happy. I hope you enjoyed this article (how to make my laptop faster) for more information about laptop visit home page of the website.

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