How to Prevent Laptop from Overheating?

Laptop overheating can be a result of various factors. This post is for those who want to keep their laptops from overheating. You will learn how to discover the unknown causes of overheating and how to solve them quickly because no one wants to use an overheated gadget.

Laptop manufacturers are doing their best to make the best devices without overheating problems. Because of their size, laptops have displaced computers. Now that you hold a miracle-working machine, everything will change for the better. However, there is a problem! They lack an efficient cooling system.

The cooling system’s inefficiency damages the laptop’s internal components and results in overheating of the computer.

This article will clear your mind by providing you with ways to prevent the laptop from overheating. You can fix an overheated laptop using these points. Additionally, answers to many other questions related to this issue are also given to make this blog informational for you.

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What are the Simple Ways to Prevent Laptop from Overheating?

You can easily prevent your Laptop from overheating by using the following methods.

1) Raise the Laptop:

Keep your LaptopLaptop elevated from the surface to prevent it from overheating. You can keep any uneven things below the computer to avoid this issue. A laptop stand can be beneficial in this regard. In this way, air will pass under the laptop surface, which will keep the system cool.

But always keep in mind; do not block the bottom fan hole to elevate your workstation. So, this is an effortless way to fix an overheating laptop without taking it apart.

2) Keep your Laptop Cool:

You can fix Laptop overheating by adopting ways to keep it fresh.

• Firstly, for this purpose, you can buy a laptop cooling mat. You can put this cooling mat under your device to avoid overheating.

• Secondly, keep your Laptop in a cold environment like an air-conditioned room. It will keep your workstation cool.

• Thirdly, you can go for a heat sink. You can use a flat steel bar for this purpose. But you can use it when your LaptopLaptop posses a metal case that heats up.

3) Changes in the laptop settings:

To keep a laptop from overheating, you can make slight changes in the settings of your computer.

• First of all, you can download a program or an application to keep track of your laptop temperature. Through this, whenever your device starts overheating, you can adopt measures to avoid overheating.

• You should stop overclocking.

• To avoid overheating, keep the maximum processor states lower. Keep it at 80%.

• Moreover, lowering the brightness of the screen will also help in this regard.

4) Keep Laptop on a hard surface:

Keep your Laptop on a hard surface to prevent it from overheating without taking it apart. Always avoid placing it on soft surfaces such as sofas, beds, or pillows. Your device will not be able to get air from underneath because of the soft areas. That is why you should place it on a hard surface like a desk, wooden table, etc.

What are the signs and symptoms of laptop overheating?

In the same way that human diseases display specific signs and symptoms, laptop overheating displays similar signs and symptoms. You can prevent damage to your device by observing these symptoms in your device.

So, let me tell you about those signals that should immediately alert your senses to take preventive actions.

The Laptop’s hot surface: The very first and easy to recognize symptom is the hot surface of the Laptop. Its bottom surface becomes too hot. At the same time, it starts eliminating hot air from the air vents.

Fans work Hardly: 

Fans of a laptop are attached to its Central Processing Unit, which controls your device’s cooling system. Its working depends upon temperature. If the internal temperature of the device is high, the fans spin faster. It will also produce loud noises. You can easily hear them.

It happens most of the time when you do a hard job like playing games or watching high-quality videos, or rendering high qualities from software like Camtasia. 

As a result of this process, a lot of hot air produces inside the Laptop. The fans have to work harder to eliminate this hot air, which results in overheating f the Laptop.

Laptop shutdown:

It may also happen that your computer shuts down due to overheating. When the overheating of the CPU reaches a critical level, it automatically shutdown itself. It results in loss of data also. It may also show an error “Thermal Shutdown Occurred” before proceeding.

Why do laptops overheat?

Every laptop user has this question in mind. The answer to this question depends on several factors. Overheating of the laptop can damage the internal components of your device. The shutdown of a laptop due to overheating can also lead to the loss of essential data. So, in all ways, it is harmful to you. It is necessary to keep your computer fresh. In this way, it will work efficiently.

So, let’s discuss

What are the Causes of Laptop Overheating?

The causes of an overeaten laptop may vary, but if we know its reasons. Eliminating the causes can end the problem. If you are looking to prevent the laptop from overheating, you should also be aware of its roots. It will help you in avoiding overheating of the computer. So, here are possible causes of laptop overheating.

1) When you do not take proper care of your device, a lot of dust may accumulate in your device. It will block the exhaust vents which are present or behind or sides of a laptop. It will not allow the elimination of hot air produced inside the computer. Hence, the overheating of a laptop will occur.

2) A high temperature of the surrounding environment can also become a reason for laptop overheating.

3) Incorrect laptop placement can also be a leading cause of laptop overheating. The bottom surface can block the airflow through the vents and can overheat the device.

4) A faulty laptop fan will not eliminate the hot air properly. Its primary function is to keep the system fresh when it does not work correctly; the laptop overheats.

5) The installation of new components like RAM, sound card, or hard disk also causes laptop overheating. It uses more of a laptop’s resources and heats it.

6) The overcharging of your device also leads to laptop overheating.

7) The laptop also overheats due to upgrading the operating system.

How to prevent a laptop from overheating while gaming?

The game lovers always have this question in their minds. Here, I am providing you with secure solutions to stop the laptop from overheating while gaming. Gaming on your devices produces a lot of heat inside your computer, which results in overheating.

By adopting the following ways, you can prevent the laptop from overheating while playing games.

1) Games are intensive in terms of hardware power; they consume a lot of energy. So during the gaming, connect your device to the charger for enough power supply. It will fix the overheated laptop without taking it apart.

2) Use integrated graphics instead of dedicated ones. They consume less power and prevent the laptop from overheating while playing games.

3) Using a cooling pad while playing games can also fix an overheated laptop. It will help you in keeping the system cool during high-intensive games.

4) A faulty charger can also lead to overheating the laptop during gaming. So, replace it with another one and enjoy your gaming experience without having an overheating laptop.

5) Always try to limit your FPS while playing games on your workstation. A higher FPS means high performance in gaming with a smooth gaming experience. Limit it to a lower value, like 60.

6) Many users overclock their graphics cards to enhance their gaming experience. It overheats a laptop. So, avoid overclocking your device.

7) Check out your power settings if you have overheating issues while gaming also.

8) Elevate your laptop as much as possible. It is best to keep it on a laptop stand or hard surface that allows air to flow. When you block the bottom of the laptop, the air cannot pass through, causing the device to overheat.

9) Keep your laptop clean. Remove dust from the fans, which plays a significant role in keeping the system cool.


You can quickly fix an overheated laptop without taking it apart by adopting the points mentioned earlier. Moreover, you can prevent laptop overheating by eliminating its causes and observing its signs and symptoms.

As a game lover, you can also cool down your overheated laptop by avoiding the points I have mentioned for you. I hope this blog has added to your information. Tell me in the comment section. Thank You!

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