What are the Key Features of a Good Laptop?

Features of a Good Laptop

Finding the best working partner is not an easy task. Various tasks demand different specifications on a laptop. Here are the important features of a good laptop. These basic features should be kept in mind while you are investing in the best laptop for everyday use. So, without further ado, let’s start;

Processor: The Brain of a Laptop:

It is one of the key features of a good laptop. A laptop with an excellent processor should be at the top in your laptop specification list. A powerful processor allows its users to multitask, video editing, graphic designing, gaming, and many more tasks with smooth functioning. You should go for Intel processors such as core i3, i5, and i7.

Stop! Remember that core i7 is incredible for gaming and other professional tasks.


Random Access Memory of your computer is crucial. It allows smooth multitasking on your device. Typically, laptops with 4 GB RAM is available in the market. But you can go for more than this according to your budget and use.

Screen Resolution:

Screen resolution is also a vital feature of a good laptop. If you are a graphic designer, a digital artist, or a video editing professional, it should be at your priority in the laptop specification list. Previously, the people spent a lot of money to get a high-resolution screen.

But here is good news for you! These days most of the laptops come with good resolution screens. You can get the 1920 x 1080 resolution screen with a low budget. Moreover, if your budget is high, you can also go for Ultra HD screen laptops with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Storage Capacity:

A hard drive is an essential feature of a good laptop. The storage capacity of your computer depends on the money you spend. You should also keep in mind the work you are going to do on your laptop. The need for storage capacity varies from person to person.

You should also know that the hard drive is of two types.

  • HDD
  • SSD

Now, the question arises, what is the difference between HDD and SSD in a laptop?

HDD and SSD have no differences physically, but they store data differently. HDD has more storage capacity than SSD. At the same time, the HDD is cheaper than SSD. The speed of SSD is faster than HDD. At the same time, they are lighter and durable.

Moreover, it consumes less battery. But it offers low storage capacity. Now, it depends on your needs, budget, and laptop specification priority that which one you are going to get.

So, what is your priority pick?

Screen Size:

The screen size of a laptop is another primary feature of the laptop specification list. If you are an online teacher, video editor, graphic designer, or student, you need a large display. On the other hand, if you want a laptop for everyday use, you can go for small screen size.

Always remember! Most of the laptops with large screen sizes are heavy. So you should pick carefully.

Graphics Card:

This feature is crucial for the best laptop. Mainly, there are two types of graphics card;

  • Integrated graphics card
  • Dedicated Graphics card

I’m sure you will be thinking, what is the difference between dedicated graphics and integrated graphics?

Let me clear your confusion so you may prioritize your laptop specification list accordingly.

In integrated graphics, the GPU and CPU are built into the same die while the dedicated graphics, also known as video cards, is just a part of the hardware to manage the performance of computer graphics.

The dedicated graphics card is tremendous, less energy-efficient, and more expensive than the first one. But integrated graphics are not considered suitable for graphic-intensive work, and produce a lot of heat. It allows you smooth internet browsing and watching videos.

The dedicated graphics card is filled with advanced technology. You can smoothly perform graphics-intensive programs using this. It is a must feature for video and photo editing professionals.

I hope, now you can decide, which is a better, dedicated or integrated graphics card? Here is the top pick from experts to buy the best laptop for graphic design.

Battery Life:

A good laptop has the best battery life. If you are a professional that needs a computer for everyday tasks, you have to pick your device at café, meetings, parks, etc. You cannot find a switch to charge your laptop everywhere.

That is why go for the laptop that works efficiently at least for more than 5 hours.


Here comes a significant feature of a good laptop-weight.

Wouldn’t it be cumbersome to carry a bulky device while traveling?

Yes! It is the point. Your device should be light-weighted. Your laptop should be portable enough to carry at school, college, office, park, café shop, or any other place you want.

Touch screen:

It is an important feature for some users, while for some touch screen does not matter a lot. If you are a college student or a businessman, a touch screen is going to help you. You can easily access documents and presentations with touch without wasting a minute. Now, it’s up to you that you choose it or not. But you should always remember, it makes your work easier for you.

Portable 2 in 1 laptop:

It is becoming popular day by day. You can easily detach your computer screen as per your comfort. You can also use it while lying on your bed or sofa.  Many laptop brands are offering 2 in 2 PC’s now.  It has become an important feature of a good laptop. That is why it should be part of your laptop specification list.


If you keep these features of a laptop on your mind while buying, you can easily buy the latest and better one for you. But these characteristics are general. So you must know the requirement of the laptop specifications list before buying the laptop. Then, you can select the best laptops from many brands. Keep visiting the itechverge for helpful information. BEST OF LUCK!

Which laptop is good, Dell or HP?

Both laptop brands are offering amazing devices in the market. They are the choice of many people, like students, digital artists, gamers, and business professionals. It is difficult to decide whether Dell is a good laptop or HP. Both of them have features of a good laptop.

But here are some critical differences among the features offered by these laptops. If someone is looking for a laptop with all key features within its budget range, then Dell takes the lead. Even it is offering Dell laptops under $300. But if your preference is battery life, HP will not disappoint you. Their batteries can work up to 3-4 years. While Dell laptops usually work best for two years.

But when it comes to displaying, both brands are good. The customer services offered by Dell are unmatchable. On the other hand, HP provides innovative designs for creative minds.

So, it is difficult to say that this brand is better than the other. It depends on user experience and priorities that which laptop is good for him.

What laptop should I get?

Getting a perfect laptop with all excellent features is a cumbersome task. Various laptops of different companies are available in the market. Moreover, the uses of the laptop also vary from person to person.

On the one hand, a game lover tries to find out the best gadget with distinct features to play games. On the other hand, an online teacher’s priorities of features of a good laptop will be different. Hence, there is no clear answer to this question about which laptop you should get.

However, by looking carefully at the key features of a good laptop, your priorities, intention to use, and budget, you can easily decide which laptop you should get.

Here are some points that you can consider while buying the best laptop with all the key features of a good laptop;
– Processor
– Screen resolution
– Storage capacity
– Battery life
– Weight
– Screen size
– Touch screen
– Graphics card
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What laptop is good for video editing?

Like gaming demands a laptop with specific features, video editing also requires distinct features in a good laptop for video editing. No doubt, one can easily edit video clips using a mobile application or directly on a laptop for everyday use.

But editing large video files need a good laptop with specific features. Many companies are offering the best devices in this regard. Everyone’s preference may differ depending on their needs, priorities, and budget.

Here are some key features of a good laptop for video editing that should be kept in mind while buying a laptop for video editing;

1. Its RAM should be at least 8 GB or more depending on your budget.
2. Go for core i5, i7, or i9. But i9 is the best.
3. Storage should be a minimum of 256 GB and prefer an SSD laptop.
4. Go for the best graphics card having devices.
5. Your operating system determines the software you use for video editing.
6. Go for the operating system that you can use with comfort.
Its size screen should be more than 15 inches so that you can smoothly perform your video editing activity on your device. 
7. It should have more than average battery life.

What laptop is good for Gaming?

Only a good laptop for gaming can give you the best gaming experience with adequate performance. One cannot demand from the laptop of everyday use that it will work efficiently while gaming. In the contemporary world, the number of gaming lovers has increased. For their gaming satisfaction, laptop manufacturing companies are also producing laptops to fulfill their needs and requirements.
Here are some basic features of a good laptop for gaming. By keeping these key specifications in your priority list for a gaming laptop, you can get the best laptop for gaming without any difficulty. However, you can go for any known brand available in the market:
– It should be thin, compact, and lightweight.
– Its RAM should be more than 16 GB.
– When it comes to storage, go for 1 TB. It also depends on the money you are going to spend.
– If your budget is high, prefer the i9 processor. However, you can also go for core i7 or i5.
– The screen size should be more than 15 inches.
– Its battery life should be incredible.

What laptop is good for graphic design?

It’s a hectic activity to choose the best laptop for graphic design. Some key features make a good laptop for graphic design. An ordinary laptop cannot provide you with the performance that you can expect from a good laptop for graphic design. 
If you have decided to spend an extra amount to buy the best workstation for your work, and you are confused about the key features of a good laptop for graphic design.
 Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. A laptop with the following key features will not let you down ever.
You can go for a laptop with these features without any confusion.
– Go for a powerful processor. Laptops come with Intel or AMD Central Processing Units. Choose an Intel device with core i7 or i5.
– A 16 GB RAM is also a necessary feature of a good laptop for graphic design. However, you can increase or decrease it depending on your budget.
– Storage should range between 128 GB to 1 TB.
– Graphics card is an essential feature of a good laptop. A digital artist should keep this feature on priority. Go for a dedicated GPU.
– A laptop with a large screen size will be beneficial for you. Choose more than 15 inches to make your working experience better.
– Its screen resolution should be excellent.
– Your device should have good battery life. On average most of the laptop offers you 5 hours battery life, but prefer more than this.
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